Air Safety Navigators provides professional aviation advice and solutions to Corporate and Government clients seeking to identify, manage and mitigate their exposure to aviation risk. 

Our focus is on customised practical solutions, supporting the mining and petroleum industries as well as the aviation community.

Our technical services and advice includes:

  •   Aviation Safety Audits
  •   Safety Management Systems Review
  •   Aircraft Radio Operators Certificates of Proficiency 
  •   Aviation Risk Assessment and Mitigation
  •   Aviation Consulting Services
  •   Aviation Safety Reviews
  •   Airborne Geophysics Risk Management and Planning
  •   Low Level Flight Safety Analysis
  •   Aviation Safety Assessments
  •   Tender Development and Review
  •   Aviation Incident Investigation
  •   Licensing of Ground to Air Radio Operators - AROCP
  •   Aerodrome and Helideck Inspections

We provide both International and Domestic Services.