Aviation Consulting

ASN draws upon a combined 50+ years of aviation experience, in the areas of flight operations, safety and quality, maintenance, emergency procedures, incident investigation and regulatory compliance in order to provide clients with succinct operational specific safety advice, relevant to their aviation related operations.
Air Safety Navigators have been involved with numerous consultancy functions throughout the world from identifying potential air service providers for clients within Australia and abroad to assisting Companies with aircraft selection based on planned requirements.

We specialise in developing aviation guidelines for use by clients to ensure a baseline standard above what is regulatory required is in place to ensure the safety and efficiency of the clients aviation operations.

ASN staff have completed numerous projects with regard to aviation consulting. Examples include:

  • Reviews of aviation tenders on behalf of clients.
  • Review and update of airborne geophysical safety standards.
  • Performance reviews of aircraft types with regard to client’s requirements.
  • Gap analysis comparison of a client’s aviation standard with the BARS system.
  • Mine site aviation procedures development.
  • Aerodrome manual review and development.
  • Development of client aviation standards.

We have conducted several studies on navaid (Navigational Aid) selection to ensure that the safety and needs of both the client and air service provider are met. In addition to this Air Safety Navigators has been requested to provide advice to Government Tender Boards with regard to air service requirements. In recent times we have been involved with developing baseline safety standards for the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) by resource sector clients.

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