Aviation Safety Audits

Air Safety Navigators have extensive experience in the planning and conduct of aviation safety audits for our clients globally. Our experience ranges from national flag carriers to regional airlines to small fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft operators.

Auditing and/or assessing compliance with client specific requirements, national civil aviation regulations and industry best practice guidelines is a core component of our business.

Our aviation safety audits are process and evidence based and focus on all aspects of flight and maintenance operations allowing us to assess the suitability of an operators published procedures with regard to our clients proposed task in order to minimise exposure to aviation risk. The aviation safety audit scope is focused to cover the client and service provider’s aviation operations with regard to Global Best Industry Practice, relevant National Civil Aviation Regulations and Standards, client requirements with an emphasis on highlighting any deficient safety critical aspects of the operation.

Reports are issued to the client within 10 days of the audit being completed.

Desktop Aviation Safety Audits and Assessments
In the case of a “one off or short notice charter” or where clients would like to have an operator pre-qualified for the possibility of priority assistance such as in the event of exploration or cyclone evacuation, a desktop audit can be conducted to confirm that the basic required levels of aviation safety management, inclusive of client aviation safety standard requirements and expectations are in place. The desktop auditing process includes making contact with the proposed service provider prior to operations and completing the aviation safety specific “due diligence” process.

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